Hi!  I’m Teresa.  I live in Providence, RI with my husband Caleb, work as a Director of Faith Formation at a Catholic Church, dabble in hospital chaplaincy on the side, and fill up my free-time with reading, walking, cooking, adventuring, writing, and nurturing my relationships with family and friends.

I entered the blogosphere long ago as a reader.  By nature, I’m a curious (verging on nosy) person with an affinity for beauty and organization, and so I’m drawn to lifestyle blogs, sites that give me the chance to glimpse through photographs and words how other people make their space in the world.  I also feel deeply convicted that a sense of meaning in life comes not from pretty things and tidy shelves, but from our willingness to be honest, seeking, and vulnerable and to present our authentic selves to the world — and to ourselves, for that matter.

This blog is situated at the intersection of my curiosity, conviction, and perennial interest in self-improvement.  I’m deeming it an alternative lifestyle blog, because my aim is to focus less on the items of a lifestyle (the furniture, products and accessories) than on the kind of lifestyle I want to have: a life that is full, not of objects, but of ideas, connection, purpose, goodness and growth.  In short, this is a blog about becoming instead of buying, cultivating instead of consuming. 

If becoming the person I want to be and cultivating a meaningful life are my goals, then literature, experiences, sacred places, spirituality, relationships and a wide variety of self-improvement techniques are my tools; examining my life through writing and making change through practice are my methods.  This blog is an documentation of these goals, tools and methods.    

I don’t think that I’m alone in wanting fullness in life, and I think that we’re all capable of living a life saturated with meaning.  I hope you’ll join me in exploring questions and examining the world, all with the aim of living the fullest possible life.