Festivity Infusion: 3 Strategies for Making Weekends Fun During Quarantine


The past few months have revealed to me that I need out-of-the-ordinary forms of fun to make my weekends and evenings feel satisfying and full. Many of my usual sources of enjoyment are no longer available to me, but that doesn’t mean that I’m destined to a life that feels like one, long midweek afternoon. Here are three ways that I’ve started to infuse my evening and weekends with festivity.

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3 monastic rules for ordering your life

U.S. Catholic

In the hundreds of years since their development, the rules of Saints Augustine, Benedict, and Francis have ordered and oriented the lives of monks, sisters and lay people across the globe. Their emphasis on daily ritual, manageable though virtuous behaviors and everyday actions appeal to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual life, a time-tested order for cultivating meaning in the day-to-day rhythm of life, and guidance on prioritizing the things that matter most.

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